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Why do we stand in our own way?

"Still struggling to complete the assignment that you started doing a month ago? What about that course you took to boost your career growth? Likewise, you might have left plenty of things hanging in the middle, right?

You are not able to focus on anything and have ended in procrastinating. Relatable much?"

Such self-defeating and self-limiting behaviors are called self-sabotage. Order this free eBook to find out as to why at all we stand in our own way and take your first step towards a better YOU!" 



"Find answers to '30 common, yet powerful questions' by Ankur Sharma, so that you can stop juggling around places for getting your mind clear! 


After you dive into this book & come out at the other end, you will have a very clear understanding, a laser-focused mind & your thinking capacity in the situations of turmoil will skyrocket!


Hope this little but power-packed book helps!"

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